Namiki collections limited parts about Pilot

The “Polar Bear” is the world’s largest terrestrial carnivore and is at the top of the ecosystem in the Arctic Circle. It is also known as the “White Bear.”

The species has evolved with many body characteristics adapted for cold temperatures: moving across snow, ice, open water and for hunting. One of these characteristics is its very long hair. It appears white, but actually the color of its fur is translucent and the center of the hair is hollow. Translucent fur keeps them warm by absorbing thermal energy to their skin surface. The structure of hollow hair works as a heat shield and seems to have a buoyancy effect.

As seen above, the Polar Bear has a unique constitution which is suitable for living in the Arctic. Therefore, they are extremely susceptible to environmental degradation. So much so, that in 2006, the International Union for Conservation of Nature classified the Polar Bear as “Vulnerable” under The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. The habitat of the Polar Bear is believed to be suffering due to global warming and environmental pollution by toxic compounds found throughout the Arctic.

These are problems not only for Polar Bears. We, human beings can no longer afford indifference to our growing global environmental problems. The motif of “Polar Bear” fountain pen comes from this awareness.

Only 99 pens have been produced worldwide. The body of the Emperor Vest type has been decorated by the skilled artisan Seiki employing refined Maki-e techniques.

The image of the parent-child Polar Bears on the pen body is achieved using Taka (Raised) Maki-e technique. The sea ice around the Polar Bears is created by Shishiai-Togidashi (Burnished-raised) Maki-e technique. The pen cap features the image of an Aurora using Togidashi (Burnished) Maki-e technique. On the top of the cap, the image of the Plough, which is a group of seven prominent stars of the constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear, is decorated using Hira (Flat) Maki-e technique.

A precision 18-karat gold nib with rhodium accent and piston ink delivery system ensures first-class writing quality and long-lasting performance. A special ink bottle designed specifically for this collectable pen completes the majestic presentation. The pens are presented in and elegant gift box, the lid of which is decorated with sandblasted glass depicting the sea ice. The 2009 Limited Edition “Polar Bear” fountain pen from Namiki is truly a masterpiece that will be embraced by fine pen collectors and connoisseurs worldwide.

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