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Underwater Stealth

In the depths of the temperate blue waters, the Shark has
lived virtually unchanged since the creation of the world. Existing on
earth long before dinosaurs, the Shark is a truly awesome creature, measuring as long as 26 feet. Contrary to the universal myth that sharks are synonymous with danger, they are actually one of the most successful examples of a predator that is critical to the overall ecology of marine life.

For 2004, Namiki is proud to present the Limited Edition Shark pen as a tribute to one of the oldest and most fascinating organisms in the circle of life. The Shark pen depicts the animal swimming amongst the waves in its natural habitat. Brilliant shades of gold adorn the pen barrel and cap, achieved using traditional Maki-e techniques.

Keen senses have helped the Shark to survive through time. Its eyes employ a lens up to seven times as powerful as a human's. It can also detect extremely dim light, making it very aware of its surrounding environment. Combined, these outstanding adaptations help the shark to pinpoint and assault its prey effortlessly.

The characteristics of the shark's jaws are such that no other predator can compete. And the teeth within are as sharp as knives. Highlighted with gold and lacquer, the Shark depicted on this pen uses its jaws to carry out the final step in the capture of its prey.

The image of the Shark is achieved using the Shishiai-Togidashi (burnished-raised) Maki-e technique. Small pieces of Raden highlight its eyes to express its powerful acumen. The fierce waves surrounding the Shark are created by the Bokashi (shading off) Maki-e technique, where gradations of gold powder are used. Furthermore, various Raden techniques illustrate the waves and help to replicate the activity in the sea.

Created by hand, by master Maki-e artist Masato, only 80 pieces of The Limited Edition Shark Pen will be produced worldwide. A superior piston converter and precision 18-karat gold nib ensure first-class writing quality and long-lasting performance.

Beautifully merchandised in a beautiful wood gift box, the color of ocean blue, the Limited Edition Shark Fountain Pen awaits inside the box like it prowls in the wide-open sea. A beautiful image of the Shark is depicted on the outside cover of the box, while a custom ink bottle imprinted with the Shark's head on the cap and a Certificate of Authenticity reside inside the box.

The Shark Limited Edition Fountain Pen is a valuable work of art and would be a magnificent addition to any fine pen collection.