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Introducing Iroshizuku bottled ink for Namiki and Pilot fountain pens. The name “Iroshizuku” is a combination of the Japanese words “Iro (Coloring),” expressing high standards and variation of colors, and “Shizuku (Droplet),” that embodies the very image of dripping water.

Retail Price: $35.00

Enjoy Japan’s rich and subtle color aesthetic as you write in a choice of 17 ink colors:

Morning Glory (asa-gao)
Hydrangea (ajisai)
Asiatic Dayflower (suyu-kusa)
Deep Cerulean Blue (kon-peki)
Moonlight (suki-yo)
Peacock (ku-jaku)
Dew on Pine Tree (syo-ro)
Forest Green (shin-ryoku)
Autumn Shower (kiri-same)
Old Man Winter (fuyu-syogun)
Crimson Glory Vine (yama-budo)
Azalea (tsutsuji)
Autumn Leaves (momiji)
Sunset (yu-yake)
Winter Persimmon (fuyu-gaki)
Horsetail (tsukushi)
Wild Chestnut (yama-guri)

Each Iroshizuku bottled ink name derives from the expressions of beautiful Japanese natural landscapes and plants, all of which contribute to the depth of each individual color:

  • Morning Glory – a refreshing blue hue like a newly blooming morning glory.
  • Hydrangea – this shade of blue is reminiscent of the image of raindrops nestling on its petals.
  • Asiatic Dayflower – a blue similar to a small, fragile Asiatic dayflower.
  • Deep Cerulean Blue - expresses the color of a vast and clear summer sky.
  • Moonlight – a blue shade like the night sky, dimly illuminated by moonlight.
  • Peacock – a green color which evokes visions of the stark and vivid feathers of the richly multicolored peacock.
  • Dew on Pine – a green shade similar to a dewdrop reflecting pine needles.
  • Forest Green – embodies the unchanging color of a dense evergreen forest in a long winter.
  • Autumn Shower – a grey shade like a landscape expectant of winter.
  • Old Man Winter – a grey conjuring up the image of the cold, clear air of the severe winter season.
  • Crimson Glory Vine – this red embodies the bright and ripe fruit of the wild, yet subdued crimson glory vine.
  • Azalea – a red hue like the common red amongst the myriad hues of the Azalea flowers.
  • Autumn Leaves – a red shade emulating the bright red leaves that are iconic of a Japanese autumn.
  • Sunset – an orange hue like sky, painted by the evening sunset on clear day.
  • Winter Persimmon - an orange similar to the shade of a lusciously ripe persimmon.
  • Horsetail – a soft brown like a young horsetail awaiting the coming of spring.
  • Wild Chestnut – a brown color similar to the image of a ripe, fallen chestnut shell during the longing season of autumn.